Rinse repeat

You know how when you’ve just eaten an uncomfortably large meal, and then someone says, “Leave room for dessert?” That’s how I feel about 2016 and 2017: Way too much, and more to come.

In fact, I hesitate to call 2016 anno horribilis, because then what will I call 2017? (Like the person said, “Leave room.”)

Speaking of full, for months my Facebook feed had been filling with people either swearing that they would never talk to their family again, or that they themselves were being shunned by kinfolk. On a hunch, I reached out to Los Angeles’ Museum of Broken Relationships – which opened in June 2016 – to see if there’d been any anomalies in the submissions this past year. There had been: According to John B. Quinn, Esq., founder of the L.A. branch of the Zagreb phenom, “The areas [in which] we noticed a difference was in relationships that aren’t necessarily romantic. Relationships between family members, friends, and even business relationships have been submitted with more regularity.”

So there you have it. Last year was more than a bigly bad breakup – 2016 tore at the basic fabric of community. When family and friends fall out, where’s your lifeline? I hope this hasn’t happened to you, dear reader. It hasn’t happened to me personally, and the holidays were peacefully spent with my loved ones.

Sigh. But it’s a new year, and we begin again. And what better way to start than with some New Year’s resolutions? Here’s one I’ll share with you: To get this website under control! I’ve moved the platform from Wix to WordPress, since I was never happy with the templates on Wix. So with any luck, I’ll struggle less with design, which will leave more time for struggling with content.